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OpenShift and AI

What is Red Hat OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift brings together tested and trusted services to reduce the friction of developing, modernizing, deploying, running, and managing applications. Built on Kubernetes, it delivers a consistent experience across public cloud, on-premise, hybrid cloud, or edge architecture. Choose a self-managed or fully managed solution. No matter how you run it, OpenShift helps teams focus on the work that matters.

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Why AI on OpenShift?

AI/ML on OpenShift accelerates AI/ML workflows and the delivery of AI-powered intelligent application.

MLOps with Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift includes key capabilities to enable machine learning operations (MLOps) in a consistent way across datacenters, public cloud computing, and edge computing.

By applying DevOps and GitOps principles, organizations automate and simplify the iterative process of integrating ML models into software development processes, production rollout, monitoring, retraining, and redeployment for continued prediction accuracy.

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What is a ML lifecycle?

A multi-phase process to obtain the power of large volumes and a variety of data, abundant compute, and open source machine learning tools to build intelligent applications.

At a high level, there are four steps in the lifecycle:

  1. Gather and prepare data to make sure the input data is complete, and of high quality
  2. Develop model, including training, testing, and selection of the model with the highest prediction accuracy
  3. Integrate models in application development process, and inferencing
  4. Model monitoring and management, to measure business performance and address potential production data drift

On this site, you will find recipes, patterns, demos for various AI/ML tools and applications used through those steps.

Why use containers and Kubernetes for your machine learning initiatives?

Containers and Kubernetes are key to accelerating the ML lifecycle as these technologies provide data scientists the much needed agility, flexibility, portability, and scalability to train, test, and deploy ML models.

Red Hat® OpenShift® is the industry's leading containers and Kubernetes hybrid cloud platform. It provides all these benefits, and through the integrated DevOps capabilities (e.g. OpenShift Pipelines, OpenShift GitOps, and Red Hat Quay) and integration with hardware accelerators, it enables better collaboration between data scientists and software developers, and accelerates the roll out of intelligent applications across hybrid cloud (data center, edge, and public clouds).